We started as a pharmacists’ cooperative just outside Paris more than 100 years ago. Our priority then was – and continues to be today – to allow people to access and use effective products to treat their everyday health and wellbeing needs themselves. Our range of selfcare solutions includes simple, yet effective and indispensable products, such as headache pills, hand sanitizers, and vitamins.
As other labs and professionals joined our mission over the years, Cooper Consumer Health eventually became the largest independent selfcare organization in Europe. Today, more than 80,000 pharmacists advise our selfcare solutions.

Selfcare with confidence.

We are proud to create selfcare solutions that consumers can use with full confidence. Our products are easy to use, safe, widely available, and affordable.

Latest news & medias

Nov 23 2020

Cooper Consumer Health announces the signing of an exclusive negotiation agreement to take over Laboratoire Tradiphar.

Cooper Consumer Health has signed an exclusive negotiation agreement...
Sep 26 2020

Last June we presented two new products to pharmacies under the brand name Valdispro. Our aim was to present two new concepts.

Valdispro Cannabidiol CBD cream. It is a cream with cannabidiol CBD,...
Sep 24 2020

Hyalugel, a new leading brand in the Cooper portfolio.

77% of French people experience pain in their mouth. Whether it...
Sep 23 2020

Dagravit Immuun supports the natural resistance

Covid-19 has created a great deal of unrest. The world has been...
Sep 10 2020

E-commerce in Belgium.

The last years E-commerce in Belgium accelerated at an exponential...
Jun 29 2020

France, like the whole world, has been waging a health war for several months now…

Since January, we have observed a significant increase in the number...
Jun 16 2020

Valdispro, the “specials” brand in calming & sleeping.

Vemedia Consumer Health is the first to launch Cannabis Sativa...
Jun 15 2020

Vemedia Portugal launches product for quarantine depression with digital communication during the pandemic.

ValdispertNoite & Dia was launched in quarter 1 2020 during the...
Nov 29 2019

COOPER Consumer Health (ex Alpha HealthGroup), announces the acquisition of the brand Zeninas from Puerto Galiano in Spain.

COOPER Consumer Health (ex Alpha HealthGroup), through its...
Nov 20 2019

COOPER Consumer Health (ex Alpha HealthGroup) announces the signing of an exclusive negotiation agreement with GSK to acquire the brands Bialcol and Cibalgina in Italy.

COOPER Consumer Health (ex Alpha HealthGroup), through its...