France, like the whole world, has been waging a health war for several months now…

2020 June | NEWS

Since January, we have observed a significant increase in the number of orders placed for our Baccide range (hydroalcoholic gel), from +30% in late January to +170% in late April.

In order to expand our offers and meet part of the market’s enormous needs, we have launched a number of initiatives:

• In March, we supplied 120,000 litres of hydroalcoholic gel to transform them into over 700,000 125 and 250 mL bottles. At the same time, our volume of 96° alcohol consumed in March increased by more than 250% compared to March 2019

• In April, Cooper was the 1st laboratory in France to put a 50 mL tube of hydroalcoholic gel on the market: 1.2 million tubes were produced. Meanwhile, Cooper produced and donated 80,000 litres of Hydroalcoholic Solution to healthcare facilities. At the end of the month of April, we consumed 500,000 litres of 96° alcohol (an increase of + 320%)

• May-June-July: we will produce bulk hydroalcoholic gel ourselves and put 2.1 million 50 mL tubes on the market.

Our two Tubes packaging lines run in two 8-hour shifts per day (morning and afternoon runs) and our staff has volunteered to work on public holidays. The goal is to meet, as much as possible, the needs of the hydroalcoholic market while maintaining the level of stock available for the other tube references, without creating a product shortage.

From September to December, we also plan to produce millions of additional tubes and possibly other new references depending on regulatory developments and market needs.

This health crisis made it possible to confirm the values shared by our teams and which are key pillars in our company’s Culture: Pragmatism, Responsiveness and Sense of Customer Service.The new hydroalcoholic gel/solution references launched during this crisis (see photos below).

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