Valdispro, the “specials” brand in calming & sleeping.

2020 June | NEWS

Vemedia Consumer Health is the first to launch Cannabis Sativa liquid capsules in Belgium. Valdispro wants to be the brand of specials within the calming and sleeping segment, a dynamic and growing market. Therefore Valdispro brings unique formulas and concepts, always based on natural ingredients.

Cannabis & CBD have been a very hot media topic in Belgium throughout the past year. The group has a leading international role in this domain and already offers high-quality CBD and Cannabis sativa products in different countries, with The Netherlands in the lead.

Belgium has no tolerance when it comes to CBD, but there’s one option for food supplements with Cannabis sativa L. (hemp seed oil). The only legal way to launch this in Belgium is when you get a derogation by proving that the product is THC-free. So that’s exactly what we did. We are proud to introduce VALDISPRO CANNABIS SATIVA liquid capsules.

We could feel this was a big opportunity, but to be sure we conducted 2 surveys. One survey towards consumers, another in a selection of pharmacies. Potential consumers believe this is an innovative and trustworthy product. They point out the “calming” effect as biggest advantage, as well as the natural ingredients as appealing. Every pharmacists indicated this product as an innovation, most of them told us they would recommend this to their patients or at least be open to it.

Furthermore we took the opportunity to re-branded the already existing Sleepzz Melatonine Plus into VALDISPRO SLEEPZZ MELATONINE. This brings a sleeping product to the brand with 2 references now available in Belgian pharmacies and para-pharmacies.So far the pre-sales have been a great success and despite a delay due to Covid-19 our sales team is eager to introduce this novelty to all their clients.

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