Cooper Consumer Health strives to break taboos around erectileproblems and launches erectile gel Eroxon® Stimgel

2023 April | PRESS RELEASE

Factors undermining men’s erectile health include lifestyle-related chronic conditions,
social pressures and changing sexual norms

[Paris, April 18th] – Globally, 1 in 5 men aged 18 and over struggle with erectile problems – impacting their
quality of life, as well as that of their partners. According to sexologists and urologists, psychosocial
factors have an increasing impact on erectile health, meaning it is crucial to break taboos around
the topic and to remove barriers to seeking treatment. Against this backdrop, Cooper Consumer
Health is launching Eroxon® Stimgel: an erectile gel that helps men get an erection within 10
minutes, and can bring spontaneity back into relationships suffering from erectile problems.

Social factors place crippling pressure on sexual performance
Aside from ageing and chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, psychosocial
factors also play an important role in erectile health. The significance of these psychosocial aspects
has increased in recent years, which helps to explain the rising incidence of erectile problems among
young people. Through various (social) media channels, young people and men in general are
bombarded daily with mostly unrealistic images of how they should look, experience their
relationships, and perform sexually.

Psychosocial aspects should therefore form a crucial part of the overall treatment plan for men with
erectile problems. This will allow men to receive comprehensive care that not only addresses their
physical symptoms, but also treats the underlying psychological issues that may be impacting their
erectile health.

A solution to mild to moderate erectile problems is within reach
This is why Cooper Consumer Health is marketing the topical erection gel Eroxon® Stimgel. Through
its efficacy and accessibility, Eroxon® aims to lower the barriers that prevent men with mild to
moderate erectile problems from seeking solutions. Eroxon® Stimgel is available without prescription.

Eroxon® Stimgel is a medical device that works for mild to moderate erectile problems. The gel has a
unique mode of action to achieve an erection; a rapid and targeted cooling effect, followed by a
gradual warming sensation, stimulates the free nerve endings which increases blood flow. During the
clinical study1, 60% of erections occurred within 10 minutes of applying the gel and the majority were
able to successfully complete intercourse. The benefit of a gel is that partners can integrate its
application into their sexual play.

There is an urgent need to raise awareness and break taboos around erectile health. In this way, more
men can discover the available solutions and access the help they need to regain their sexual wellbeing.

With the launch of Eroxon® Stimgel, Cooper Consumer Health hopes to play a key role in
breaking taboos around erectile health.

FM57: 250 subjects / 3.792 intercourse attempts, Age 18-70, 9 countries in Europe, 12 weeks: IIEF 5.10 > 4.0 / SEP2 24,26% > 21,4 % /
SEP 3 37,14% > 23 %. Data on file